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Disclosure policy

ISFI places emphasis on transparent decision-making and believes that ensuring an efficient dissemination of information to the public is one of the key elements in rebuilding trust in the financial system.

ISFI will use its website as a platform to publish information on its policies and activities.

ISFI will submit a detailed report on its activities to the Minister of Finance every year, pursuant to Article 8 of the Act establishing Icelandic State Financial Investments.  The Minister of Finance will report to the Althing on ISFI’s activities and how the state holdings have been managed, as well as the government’s future priorities regarding them.

ISFI shall publish summaries of the agreements it makes with the boards of financial undertakings, in accordance with item (e) of Article 4 of the Act establishing Icelandic State Financial Investments, 12 months after they are made. These are agreements which establish the minimum general or specific objectives to be met by the financial undertakings, which ISFI holds a majority share/primary capital in.

ISFI will generally publish information on decisions made at shareholder/primary capital holder meetings. An exception will be made if the shareholders’ meeting discusses an issue that needs should not be disclosed due for competitive reasons, in accordance with Article 5 of the Act establishing ISFI.

Icelandic State Financial Investments shall endeavour to ensure that the financial undertakings it participates in as an owner operate in a spirit of transparency and good governance and that it disseminates information to the public and the media in an efficient manner, within the limits of the law and regulations.